How To Make Wood Drawers Slide Easier

How To Make Wood Drawers Slide Easier

All homeowners have experienced trouble sliding wood drawers when they are stuck. The good news is there are many ways to fix this issue right at home. Below are five tips to make the drawers slide easier.

Tip 1. Soap

It may seem a bit odd, but the experts suggest trying to use a bar of soap before heading to the store for alternative supplies. Use an unscented bar of soap so it won’t end up attracting any unwanted pests.

Apply the soap all over the edges and surfaces of the drawer that touches the chest. Make sure to apply the soap as evenly as possible. Refrain from making it too thick because you want to make sure drawers can still slide back in afterward.

Tip 2. Sanding

It is possible for wood to become too bloated to fit inside the chest. If this is the case, a simple waxing will not work. You must now sand the surface of the drawer in an effort to reduce its size. After sanding, you can apply wax or any other wood coating to prevent it from either expanding or shrinking.

Tip 3. Candle

Candlesticks and tea candles can help release some stuck drawers. If you are using a tea candle for this project, ensure the scent will not attract any insects. It’s recommended to use a white candle as it won’t leave behind any visible stains.

Tip 4. Wax Paper

Wax paper is coated with paraffin wax, which will transfer to the wood’s surface when applied. Using wax paper can be pretty labor intensive, unfortunately. You will need to rub this paper many times to get the ideal amount of paraffin wax onto the wood.

Tip 5. Paraffin Wax

Paraffin wax is typically readily available in your local grocery store. Simply pull the drawer completely out then rub the wax all over the edges, sides and surfaces where the drawer is touching the chest.

If your drawer is almost impossible to pull out, you should rub the wax on the inside surfaces of the drawer that are visible. Slowly slide them back and pull outward. The sliding motions will push the wax to the unexposed surfaces, which makes them slide easier.

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