Which Is Superior: Knobs or Pulls?

Which Is Superior: Knobs or Pulls?

You’ve selected the cabinets and finishes for your kitchen or bathroom remodel. However, it is now time to choose between knobs and pulls. These seemingly insignificant bits of gear may transform the functioning and appearance of your room. Nonetheless, if you are stuck in the knobs vs. pulls discussion, consider the following points.

Consider Cabinet Appointment

When choosing between knobs and pulls, style is not the only factor to consider. Consider cabinet location next. In many cases, knobs make it easier to open top cabinet doors. Lower cabinet access is made simpler by pulls.

Observe this Victorian kitchen. All upper cabinets have knobs, whereas the majority of lower cabinets have pulls. This historic kitchen is yet another excellent example. The majority of the lower cabinets and drawers have pulls, while the upper cabinets have knobs.

Cabinet Versus Drawer Distinction

Both cabinets and drawers require knobs and pulls. As you peruse images of inspiration, you may notice a pattern. Cabinet doors frequently feature knobs. In contrast, drawers typically feature pulls.

For example, the knobs on the under-sink cupboards in this coastal casual bathroom were chosen by the designer. However, pulls were added to the drawers. The same holds true for this quirky kitchen, where mismatched pulls and knobs decorated the lower and top cabinets, respectively.

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