Plywood Drawer Boxes

If you’re searching for “plywood drawer boxes“, “plywood drawers”, or “plywood dovetail or dowel drawer boxes”,  you’ve come to the right place! Drawer Connection is your #1 source for quality, efficient turnaround, and affordability.

We use the finest quality Baltic Birch Plywood, the traditional choice material for construction and cabinetry. Using the best quality plywood is the deciding factor in the durability and lifespan of your drawer boxes. Our affordable and quality products can be produced to a schedule so you can be confident knowing you are you are not only getting the best products in the industry but also superior customer service.

Dovetail and Dowel Plywood Drawer Boxes

It is important to remember there are two ways drawers are constructed to link or join together. Both are proven ways and at DC Drawers we specialize in both methods.

Dovetail drawer boxes are great because they can construct a drawer without using mechanical fasteners using what is known as a dovetail joint. While Dowel drawers use joints that are incredibly strong.

How To Buy Plywood Drawer Boxes

To place your plywood drawer boxes order; first click here to create an account.  List your contact info for you or your business and then submit.  Once you log in you’ll see your name and an empty cart.  To start your plywood drawer box order click in the bottom right where it says “Create new order”.

Select either Dovetail Drawer Box or Dowel Drawer Box to begin placing your order.  If you want to have any options such as angled drawers, plumber drawers, drawer in drawer, or trash rollout select your option now.  Once you’ve done that follow the ordering steps below to submit your order.

Select Drawer Box Wood Type1. Select Wood Type – Select if you’d like to have your plywood drawer boxes made from FSC Certified lumber along with if you want the drawers to be finished or unfinished.


Select Drawer Box Side Thickness2. Select Sides Thickness – Select how thick the sides should be from 1 of 3 thickness options. You may choose from 1/2″, 5/8″, and 3/4″ thicknesses for your drawer box order.


Select Drawer Box Assembly Method3. Select Assembly Method – Next select if you want your plywood drawer box order to come assembled or flat packed with bottoms and ready for you to assemble yourself.


Select Drawer Box Bottom Material4. Select Bottom Material – Select the bottom material of your choice from finished or unfinished solid wood types, no bottom, or even custom bottoms for your drawer box order.


Select Drawer Box Bottom Thickness5. Select Bottom Thickness – There is an option for how thick you want the bottom of your drawers to be.  You may choose 1/2, 1/4, or no bottom section for your drawer boxes.


Select Drawer Box Bottom Placement6. Select Bottom Placement – You will also need to select where you would like the bottom of the drawer to be fabricated.  Customers can choose from a variety of heights or flush.


Select Drawer Box Top Edge Finishing7. Select To Edge/Finishing – Drawer box clients can also choose the top edge finish they prefer from clear foil, birch foil, matching PVC, or finishing for after assembly.


Select Drawer Box Undermount Notching8. Select Undermount Notching – You can choose from a wide variety of undermount notching that prepares your drawer boxes for the type of glides you plan to install.


9. List Order Details – Lastly you can add comments, the number of drawers you need, the width, depth, height, bottom label, and other options like logos, scoops, dividers or file slots.

Select Drawer Box Order Details

If you’re ready to order plywood drawer for your bathroom or kitchen cabinetry project it is simple and fast to order with DC Drawers.  Simply provide the details of which type of joint you want, which material you prefer, and the sizes and quantities you need.  We take care of the rest and ship straight to your shop or your home.

Plywood Drawer Box Sizes

Plywood Drawer Option #1

Plywood Drawer Box Option 1

The drawer bottom is raised up 3/8″ from the bottom edge of the drawer box. This is standard for receiving side mount or bottom mount drawer glides.

Plywood Drawer Option #2

Plywood Drawer Box Option 2

The drawer bottom is raised up 1/2″ from the bottom edge of the drawer box. This is standard for boxes getting under mount soft close drawer glides.

Plywood Drawer Option #3

Plywood Drawer Box Option 3

Drawers constructed with 1/2 inch raised drawer bottoms from the bottom edge will have a small gap approximately 1/4″ wide where the grove passes through the side.

Custom Plywood Drawer Options

Drawers can be outfitted with the best organization products on the market. You can also get laser engraving to brand your drawers and further market your cabinetry company. We have a wide variety of options to customize drawer boxes for your clients, they include laser engraving, angled drawer boxes, drawer scoops, file drawers, dividers, and notching & drilling.

Laser EngravingPlywood Drawer Laser Engraving

For the cabinet installation company or discerning homeowner logos can be laser engraved into the drawer boxes

Angled DrawersAngled Plywood Drawer Boxes

Our angled drawer boxes make it quick and easy to store and retrieve larger items like pots and pans.

Drawer ScoopsPlywood Drawer Boxes Scoops

Drawers that feature drawer scoops are easier to open and offer homeowners a more flush look without pulls or knobs

File DrawersPlywood File Drawer Boxes

For kitchens that have a wealth of recipes or work from home professionals having file drawers keeps you organized.

DividersPlywood Drawer Box Dividers

Storage without organization is chaotic.  Our drawer dividers help ensure that everything has a place, and can be in it.

Notching & DrillingPlywood Drawer Box Notching & Drilling

We offer notching and drilling of our plywood drawer boxes so they come ready to install at your home or business.

Why Is Plywood A Good Material?

Plywood is a more affordable option when compared to solid woods, and it is stronger than particle board. This makes it a great option for the budget conscious, but still retaining quality construction and strength. Here are 4 elements that make plywood a great material.

Visually Attractive

One of the great things about plywood is the outside face of the material is wood and has wood grain. This makes it look like solid wood and gives it that warm look. This means it can be installed without being painted. Because plywood is free of voids you can leave the edges exposed as well. This saves in time and supplies making a solid edge or applying edge tape. This is one way we save time and money in the construction of drawer boxes, which we pass on to our customers.

Better Fastener & Screw Holding

Plywood is made up from multiple layers of individual veneers that are solid. This means there are layers that face opposite directions to increase tensile strength and are free from voids. Having a more solid construction than particle board, or some low quality natural woods the screws go in better and stay anchored.

Better Stability & Strength

When compared with other products plywood has great stability and strength. Some materials tend to sag and warp overtime. Plywood is constructed from cross-banded layers that are 9 layers thick. This means that the internal structural integrity of the wood is superior to many other building materials. Even thinner plywood does not have the strength of 9 ply because it is lacking the layers required to make it a viable, durable, and long lasting material for the construction of drawer boxes.

Quality Joinery

The durability of any product made from wood depends on the material to be long lasting and the type of joints that are used. Plywood drawer boxes can be jointed with dovetail or dowel joints. Dovetail is the best, longest lasting, and most durable joint available for plywood drawer boxes. It produces the highest quality joints because it is void free and a durable material.

Place Your Plywood Drawer Boxes Order

If you’re ready to place your order simply set up your account, follow the ordering steps, and get your order in with Drawer Connection!  DC Drawers offers 24/7 online ordering, friendly customer service, affordable plywood drawer boxes, and the ability to customize your drawer boxes exactly how you need or want them!

Plywood vs. Melamine Drawer Construction

If you are looking for melamine drawers, plywood drawers, or deciding which type of material to construct your cabinetry from, this post will help.  Kitchen and bathroom drawer construction has multiple materials that can be used to make long lasting, beautiful drawers. Two of the most used drawer construction materials are Melamine and plywood. Both types of material feature products manufactured by compressing wood that forms a solid board. Both Melamine and Plywood have particular advantages that make drawer manufacturers and homeowners choose one or the other. Let’s take a closer look at plywood vs. melamine drawer construction.

Basic Information About Plywood & Melamine Drawer Construction

The follow are things to keep in mind with regards to the strength, weight, cost, density, and environmental impact of both plywood and melamine.

Construction Process Of Materials

Melamine is pressed wood or particleboard that is covered with a plastic coating. Plywood in contrast is solid sheets of wood that have been pressed together with their grains set in opposing directions to increase strength. These materials can break or crack under pressure, but do not split. Either are suitable for drawer construction.

Environmental Safety

Both melamine and plywood contain some small concentration of formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a naturally occurring chemical which is made up from carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. Both melamine and plywood formaldehyde levels are increased with the application of glue, but can be made with moisture resistant products that make it safe and conform to both European, Japanese, and American standards for safety.

Material Finishes

Melamine is made from the same type of resin that Formica is made from. Melamine being a resin that dries smooth it is perfect for drawer construction because it offers a ready to use surface. It is easy to clean without the need to spend more time with staining or painting the surfaces. Because plywood has more of a natural wood surface it can be prone to defects, knotholes, and rougher surfaces that need to be finished before the drawer can be installed. Because the plywood typically has a visible grain pattern time is also spent trying to make sure that the grain patterns are all going in the same direction.

Production Process

Plywood for drawer construction can be a bit simpler than making them from melamine. It is easier to cut plywood to length because the material is less dense. It is also easier to assemble plywood drawers because the nails and screws go in easier. Plywood drawers are a bit lighter which can be an asset depending on the drawer hardware that will be used. The cutting of melamine is do with CNC routers and is fairly easy. Care must be exercised to not chip the surface of the boards.

Plywood offers a finish and wood grain pattern that many homeowners love. It has the warmth of wood and they love the sight of knots and grain in their cabinet drawers. Other home owners love nothing more than solid colored drawers and complete uniformity. It is really up to the homeowner which style fits their preferences better.

Which Drawer Construction Material Is Best?

When you are deciding between plywood and melamine for a drawer material the choice really is hard. They both have their benefits and it comes down to if you want to be able to see a wood grain in your drawers or if you would prefer a solid color finish that is totally uniform through your kitchen. Melamine is cost effective, easy to clean, and beautiful while plywood has the warmth of wood grain which can make a kitchen feel more custom and one of a kind.

Custom Drawer Construction

Drawer Connection, Inc. has a wide variety of materials, finishes, and hardware to make your kitchen or bathroom drawers exactly how you want them. With options for melamine, plywood, and other composite materials we can fill any order and help finish your project the way you want it done.