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If you are searching Google for “Maple Drawer Boxes” you are seeking quality solid drawer boxes for your kitchen or bathroom remodel. Hard maple wood is a very hard wood. It is heavy, dense, and close-grained. Colors of maple vary from yellow-brown, to pink, with an underlying off-white base color. Some samples of maple have mineral streaking from the soil the tree grew in. This leads to reddish or light tan streaking that will darken when stain is applied. Most maple has tight straight grain, however some samples can be wavy, curly, or even be burled.

Advantages Of Maple Drawer Boxes

Beautiful Grain – Maple typically has tight grain and a beautiful surface. The wood we select for our drawer boxes is high quality and has beautiful natural grain.

Durability – Hard maple is a hard, strong, heavy, close-grained wood that is stiff. It has a uniform surface texture which makes it ideal for drawer boxes. In addition maple is excellent in resisting dents, scratches, and abrasions. This makes it one of the best choices for long lasting, durable drawer boxes.

Ease Of Finishing – Maple is one of the most beautiful woods you can ask for, and it is good wood for finishing processes. The wood polishes well and accepts stain satisfactorily.  During the staining process you will discover some of the possible mineral deposits that give the wood even greater character.

Excellent Fastener Holding – Maple is known as a hard wood that is incredibly tough. For this reason it is exemplary when hardware is installed on it. It will hold screws tightly and make for a great long term option for drawer boxes.

Durable Joints – Because maple is as strong and impact resistant as it is, it is great for dovetail joints. When dovetails are made the wood is the structural element holding the drawer together. The structural integrity of the joint is completely reliant on the quality and strength of the wood. If inferior woods are used for dovetail joints, they simply will not last as long.

Where Does The Wood Come From?

Maple trees grow on 3 continents, North America, Europe, and Asia.  These trees grow best when the region gets cold weather that at least 34°F. In North America the most common maple tree is the Red Maple. It is found in abundance in the east coast. Hard maple is derived from the Sugar Maple Tree. It is used for a wide variety of durable wood products. These include baseball bats, butcher blocks, bowling pins, pool cues, and much more.

Maple Wood Grades

Generally speaking maple is divided into 3 categories, #2 common, #1 common, and Select. #2 common is wood that is used for primarily craft wood projects. #2 common maple wood is used in residential and commercial buildings. Select is reserved for fine woodworking.

FSC® Certified Drawer Boxes

At Drawer Connection we are committed to the protection of the environment and sustainability. We strive to use FSC® products. FSC® products are those where the raw lumber is forested in responsible methods. This involves where the lumber is coming from, how it is being forested, and a chain of custody of the wood. This ensures that what goes into our products is responsible and sustainable.

Order Your Maple Drawer Boxes

Maple drawer boxes offer some of the best durability and finest wood quality available for your kitchen or bathroom cabinets. If you are a homeowner or a cabinetry shop looking for premade maple drawer boxes, Drawer Connection is your source for quality and fast turnarounds. We can have your solid wood drawer boxes ready in as little as 10 – 12 days. Give us a call at 877-917-4887 or use our online ordering page. Stay tuned for more from the expert drawer box manufacturers at DCDrawers.com.