Kitchen Drawers Vs Cabinets

Kitchen Drawers Vs Cabinets

Homeowners may have trouble deciding whether to install drawers or cabinets in their kitchen. Let’s take a look at the advantages of both drawers and cabinets!

Kitchen Drawers Pros

Many homeowners prefer drawers for their kitchen area due to space needs. Mid-tier to high-end cabinets often have storage with drawers versus a built-in rack that does not extend to all the items.

Drawers that feature easily accessible handles are oftentimes more convenient than cabinets. A peg system will also decrease clutter in the drawers. Here’s a look at some of the advantages of opting for drawers over cabinets.

Better Use Of Space

Drawers are a better use of kitchen space, plus they can keep all items in place more efficiently than cabinets. Drawers can be pulled out all the way so you can see every item inside.

Easier To Use

Drawers are easier to use and access compared to cabinets. With drawers, you won’t have to awkwardly reach for something or stretch all the way to the back of the container.

More Convenient

Deep, lower cabinets can be a big inconvenience for homeowners since they can easily lose something in the back end. Drawers provide greater convenience because you will not have to reach all the way to the back. You will simply slide the drawer all the way out to inspect the contents.

Better For Organizing

You will be able to put dividers inside the drawers to separate plates, bowls and utensils. Drawers are better than cabinets because they are easier to organize.

More Modern

Typically, drawers are more aesthetically-pleasing than cabinets. Different designs of drawers offer new trends and updated looks compared to cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinet Replacement Vs. Refacing

Pros Of Cabinets

Base cabinets featuring doors and rollout shelves are better suited for storing large pots and pans. Shallow shelves are great for storing small appliances, as well.

Rolling shelves are your safest bet when you simply cannot fit certain items inside drawers. Cabinets have deeper containers than most kitchen drawers.

Better For Large Items

Shallow drawers are unable to store large items, as previously mentioned. Even if you choose to stack large pots and pans deep into drawers, it will not be easy to access them.


Drawers can become stuck or even fall off the rails. Cabinets are extremely durable and can hold up to any condition inside the kitchen.

Better Display

Since cabinets use doors, they can display contents more easily. They offer customizable options, such as installation of rollout shelves.

How Much Do Kitchen Drawers Cost?

According to Angi, soft-closed drawers cost between $40-$100 each for installation. The total cost will depend on the style of drawer installed and the professional hired for the service.

How Much Do Kitchen Cabinets Cost?

Kitchen cabinets costs about $650 with average prices of installation ranging from $100 to $1200 in the US for 2022, according to

A kitchen cabinet helps define the appearance and usefulness of your kitchen. If you have an outdated or hard to use kitchen design, your kitchen might be falling short of its possibilities as the leisure and meal prep focus of your house. Installing new kitchen cabinets will enhance its looks and convenience – and boost the charm of your house.

Buy Dovetail Drawers Online

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