How To Make Dovetail Joints

What are the various dovetail joint types and how can they be created by hand?

Through Dovetails

The through dovetail is regarded as the most basic of all dovetail joints. Although basic, this is an incredibly strong joint that’s very aesthetically pleasing. Cleanly-cut through dovetails have even and consistent angles featuring no gaps between pins and tails.

It will take some skill and patience to craft through the joints by hand. With a router, though, dovetailing bit and jig can make nearly perfect dovetails almost instantly.

Half-Blind Dovetail Joints

With some classic joints, you may only want a portion of the dovetail to be visible. For example, a solid dresser drawer front should not show the dovetail joint. On the box sides, though, that is perfectly fine.

Half-blind dovetail joints are ideal in these cases. Again, use a router for this task for the best results possible.

Sliding Dovetail Joints

A sliding dovetail joint is not commonly used but it can come in handy with certain projects. This joint consists of a long groove with angled sides serving as the tail for the joint.

There will be a corresponding long pin which is cut into the end of the adjoining board. Some classic furniture pieces used sliding dovetail joinery for wooden drawer slides.

Dovetail Jigs

If you do not wish to cut dovetail by hand, you’ll want to utilize a dovetail jig. Each of the jigs will connect to the board while being cut. This allows you to easily guide the router with a dovetailing bit through the wood to cut matching tails and pins of a variety of dovetail joints.

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