Drawer Slides



Drawer Connection features a wide variety of drawer slides to fit the needs of our cabinet makers, and their customers. We offer Blum, Repon, and Salice brands and have many different lengths, and models for you to choose from.

Blum Drawer Sliders

What Is TANDEM with Blumotion?

Blumotion is a soft close system developed by Blum. The system is designed to help drawers close softly whether the contents are big or small, light or heavy.  The Blumotion system also adapts to various speeds when closing the drawers. There is an overload feature if too much pressure is applied to prevent damage to the system if closed to hard or fast.

TANDEM is a drawer mounting hardware system that works in unison with Blumotion to create the latest drawer slide technology. It offers excellent stability, minimal sag, and four dimensional adjustments. This provides a drawer that can be adjusted to fit perfectly in the cabinets and run smoothly without binding up. The four dimensions of adjustment allow for side to side, height, tilt, and depth adjustments to your drawers.

Blum Drawer Slider Models


The 230M is a bottom mounted single extension drawer slide. The nominal lengths available are anywhere between 16” and 24” inches in 2 inch increments. With the Blumotion closing system the drawer slider system must be installed so there is sufficient space for the drawer to rise slightly as it comes out.  These drawer slides are a 3/4  extension drawer slide option.


The Blum 563F is a drawer slide system that features both the TANDEM and Blumotion systems and allow for four-dimensional drawer adjustment. They are rated for 100 lbs of static load capacity, which handles just about everything you expect to find in a kitchen or bathroom cabinet. These are full extension drawer slides that feature the soft close benefit of Blumotion. Best of all they are made domestically, right here in the United States. The Blum 563F is designed to be installed with drawer thicknesses of 16 (5/8”) or 19 (3/4”)


The Blum 563H is much like the 563F, yet it is designed to be used with drawer thicknesses of 13 (1/2”) to 16 (5/8”). It still features the TANDEM smooth running system and the Blumotion soft close features. The drawer is 4 dimensional adjustable to keep it perfectly plumb with all of the other drawers and running straight into and out of the cabinets. These are also full extension drawers and are made in the USA.

Repon Drawer Slides


The Repon F/E or full extension drawer slides are side mount drawer slide option. They are rated for up to 100lbs and are finished in zinc or can be painted black. The slides are extremely light weight, have an integrated damping mechanism, and offer a 2” soft close stroke.  The Repon full extension slides are available in 2 inch increments anywhere between 10”-28” inches of depth.


The Repon F/E S/C is differentiated from the other Repon slides in that it features the Soft Close feature. The soft close feature on these slides is a patented integrated dampening mechanism which has no grease leakage or drawer bounce. The slides are extremely light weight, have an integrated damping mechanism, and offer a 2” soft close stroke. 12”-22”

Salice 7555 Undermount Drawer Slide

The salice full extension soft-close undermount drawer slide includes fully integrated deceleration during the closing of the drawer. This like the other soft close technologies helps have a quiet close to drawers each and every time. There is also a safety feature on the Salice 7555 that helps prevent the drawer from turning over. With the Salice Futura adjustable mounting clip you will have 6 way adjustable drawers for your cabinet drawers.

Buying Drawer Slides

It’s simple and easy to get started ordering drawer slides from Drawer Connection. Simply create an account, and select the drawer slides, drawer boxes, and all of the options you need to finish your cabinetry project. If you have any questions about the models, sizes, or options please give us a call at 877-917-4887. Stay tuned for more from the expert drawer box manufacturers at DCDrawers.com.