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Transform the inside of your cabinet into a convenient sliding storage drawer!

messy cabinets without the drawer shelf organized cabinets with the drawer shelf

You have probably seen something like it. And there are many different names. Roll-out shelf, slide-out shelf, rolling shelves, and many more versions of the same concept. To put it simply, it is a drawer within your cabinet. No more getting down on your hands and knees to reach the back recesses of your lower cabinets to find that lost dish or lid.

Conveniently sized.
Ready to ship same day.
One fee with shipping included.
No hidden costs.

DS1318 - 13" wide 18" deep 4" tall - $55
DS1618 - 16" wide 18" deep 4" tall - $55
DS1918 - 19" wide 18" deep 4" tall - $55
DS1322 - 13" wide 22" deep 4" tall - $65
DS1622 - 16" wide 22" deep 4" tall - $65
DS1922 - 19" wide 22" deep 4" tall - $65

With the Drawer Shelf, you can easily access all of the
space in your cabinet by simply rolling it out.

Drawer Connection, Inc. is the source for drawer shelf manufacture in Arizona. Call us at (877) 917-4887 for a one hour quote response. We make custom drawer shelves and ship nationwide. Emergency services along with express shipping are available as well as various solid wood drawers in pine, birch, and maple that are created with your custom design specifications.

How to Install the Drawer Shelf video on You Tube